A Page Builder Creator’s Opinion: Embrace Gutenberg

It’s just a matter of time when Gutenberg will hit WordPress Core. As days go by, we’re getting closer and closer to an eventual merge. So to get ahead of the game, my team and I took almost month studying Gutenberg, and ended up releasing a plugin called Stackable – Ultimate Gutenberg Blocks. Throughout our experience, […]

A Page Builder Creator’s Opinion of Gutenberg

Gutenberg. People say it’s a page builder killer. And being that I’ve created my own page builder (Page Builder Sandwich – which is currently having a major rebuild btw), I’m obviously concerned. How will it impact my business? My competitors’ business? Will it kill all page builders? I don’t know. But if it does then […]

Post Meta with Emojis Won’t Save 🐷

tldr: Convert your DB columns to utf8mb4 to support emojis / special characters everywhere in WordPress tldr2; Or do a urlencode when saving, and urldecode when getting the post meta. I recently did some client work that involved allowing users to generate their own image (canvas) that contained their name and a bunch of other decorative […]